‘Thank you, thank you, thank you!’ Mother of kidnap victim speaks after he’s found safe

Jayce was abducted Monday morning by his father from his mother’s home on Poinsettia Drive, off West Union Avenue between Tully Road and McHenry Avenue. John Cosso, 41, was with two other men and three women when they all forced their way into Kimberly Valente’s home at about 7:30, police said.Jayce, left, and John Cosso

“I want him home. … I’m here waiting,” Kimberly Valente said outside her home after receiving news that her son Jayce had been found safe in Dublin. She said she hadn’t yet been able to speak with him.

She said she is “on my knees” in appreciation to everyone who shared information on Jayce’s abduction and played any role in his recovery. “’Thank you’ doesn’t even touch what I feel,” she posted on Facebook.

The good news Tuesday came after a largely sleepless night for Valente. “I closed my eyes for a few hours,” she said. “I contacted the detective at midnight and was like, ‘Just let me know something, something, anything.’ and all he could say at 2 in the morning is, ‘It’s progressing.

Child is home safe.

By Regina Freitas

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