Are you between 17-24 years of age? Are you struggling in life? Are you in need of assistance along the lines of finding employment? Are you trying to get back into School? If so click on the Link below for more info. and/or if you would like to apply.
We are a federally funded program under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) designed to help economically disadvantaged youth overcome barriers to achieving academic and personal success, as well as to find employment. 

We assist youth, between 17-24 years of age, struggling in life, in need of assistance along the lines of finding employment, getting into school, filling out an application, getting a driver’s license, covering funds for vocational education, etc. Project YES is here to provide, guide, and support youth in all the ways necessary for their sole vision of success to become more achievable and less of an obstacle.

Say YES to furthuring your FUTURE!


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