A claim that comes up frequently about the homeless in Modesto is that some of them are not from here. They come here because other cities bused them here.

That claim came up this month during a candidates forum for Modesto Council District 2 in which moderator and talk radio host Kevin Fox from Power Talk 1360 asked the candidates about the homeless.

His question included these remarks: “We now know that it is true that some communities in the Bay Area through a program called homeward bound have been busing homeless people out of that community and many of them we know now for a fact are landing right here in the beautiful California Central Valley.”

Fox later said he was speaking specifically about San Francisco’s homeward bound program. He said the program spent up to a $1 million last year providing one-way bus tickets to anywhere the homeless wanted to go. “We’re finding out that many of these people are choosing, because they can choose wherever they want to go, to come to the Central Valley,” he said.



Posted by Kaylime