November was an interesting and a hectic month for the people of the United States, because the Midterm election has resulted in split divisions for the house and the senates.  As the results of the Midterm election, the Democrats won the majority of the House while the Republicans won the majority of the Senate. Various events had occurred and one of them happens to be the increase of women taking part in congress than in the past.  Not only did the Democratic took control of the house, but young voters aided them in their successful victory. According to cbsnews, about 17 percent of them we’re new voters and we’re young. It seems like the people really voiced their frustrations and demanded changes. They may not have gotten everything in their favor, but their voices we’re heard. Diversity had also shown it’s strength when Ayanna pressley became the first black american in the state of Massachusetts to be first elected along with a young women in New York by the named of Alexandria Oscasio-Cortez, two Muslim women by the names of Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan omar, and two Native Americans by the names of Sharice Davids and Deb Haaland had joined congress. The rights for transgender protection had been reached in the state of Massachusetts and the low income Americans in the states of Nebreska and Iowa will receive Medicaid.

As far as California goes, the well-known blue state had also something to be positive of and look forward into the future. Democratic leader Gavin Newsom won over Republican  John Cox.

There might be some hope for the Democrats in the future, but the clear picture here is that both parties had acquired something that they can use to make or modify laws.

Blog by: Thairan So a.k.a (Bradly)