Numerous of women elected in the House!! Election Night of the US!

A record number of women were elected in the House this year!!

In the House there were 222 Democrats; and 199 Republicans.

In the Senate there were 46 Democrats; and 51 Republicans.

A record number of women are projected to win seats in the House in a massive night for female candidates across the political spectrum.

In the House:

  • 96 women would win House races, with 31 women newly elected to the House and 65 female incumbents.
  • That beats the previous record of 85 representatives, according to the Congressional Research Service.

In the Senate:

  • 11 women would win Senate seats, with two newly elected women joining nine female incumbents.

In governor’s races:

  • CNN projected at the same time that eight women — five incumbents and three non-incumbents — would win gubernatorial races.


Blog By: Asia M.

To read more click here! CNN Women in House News!


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