“Where am I supposed to go?”

That’s the question that falls from the lips of Tina Rice as City of Turlock workers document her possessions piled up alongside the sidewalk at Broadway Park.

“I’m an old woman with health problems, one leg and in a wheelchair,” Rice explained. “I can’t just pick up my stuff and move along. And it’s not like I really have possessions. Everything I have with me are the things I need every day.”

The anxiety Rice was feeling Tuesday afternoon was shared by about 50 other people camping at Broadway Park as they learned from city workers that they were in violation of city ordinances and would need to move from the area, or at least find another place to store their possessions.

“There’s a lot of stress out here,” said Michelle Pratt, who has been staying at the park. “We just want a place to rest.”

homeless have no place to go

By Regina Freitas