Modesto asking people to stop dropping off donations at Beard Brook Park

9327CEE6-9911-4D58-8C84-8F141B6F6F88.jpegThe city of Modesto has asked the public to stop leaving donations at Beard Brook Park for the homeless people staying there as many soiled and spoiled items have just wound up in the dumpster.

The city posted the message on social media Wednesday saying that due to the “ongoing support of Modesto’s homeless, no further donations are needed at Beard Book Park.”

The city said those who want to help can make donations to organizations like Salvation Army or Modesto Gospel Mission.

“What we are hearing from the folks at the site is that folks continue to simply drop off stuff and the stuff that they drop off is not necessarily the quality type of items that folks would want or need,” said city spokesman Thomas Reeves.

He said clothes in general are in abundance and there is nowhere to wash them so they just pile up.


To read more click here :Modesto Bee

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