Iran Child labor

Child labor in Iran

Upon surfing the web for articles relating to child abuse, I stumble upon this article about the child being treated in iran. Around here, children are working in their parent’s farm illegally and are forced to work on the street by drug.

The Iran officials do acknowledge that this was an on-going issue. There is a law that states that child under the age of 15 are prohibited from working, but trouble makers and drug traffickers are exploiting them for their own gains.  Since the human trafficking humans has been on the rise, it has been difficult for the officials to track these child labor activity. There are plenty of homeless children on the streets and the drug trafficklers are taking advantage of them to put them into work . They are forced to work in Agriculture and Construction. They even have three year old kids being coerced to do the work. The criminal groups over there are forcing them to sell goods on the street and the worst part is that most of them had to endured being abuse both sexual physical abuse, and being forced to induced the drugs that they had been provided to them.

As mentioned before, there are a lot of homeless children on the streets. Since homelessness has been so prevalent, it makes them alot more vulnerable for criminals to use them for their profitable gains. Mostly, these incidents are happening in the larger cities such as Tehran. The good news is that charity organizations in that city are witnessing these activities and the outreach programs are helping parents to prevent them from to falling poverty, but they will continue to struggle the prevalent poverty there.







Posted by Thairan So (Bradly)