MJC Poverty Project



Our Sociology of Family classes at Modesto Junior College have collaborated to present this website for activism. The course is taught by Dr. J. Douglas Penn with hopes of coordinating resources for the Stanislaus Community and advocating for society’s most vulnerable.


Sandra Ainslie | Saphire Allen | Priscilla Almeida | Jacob Alvarez | Donna Ray Aragon | Martha Aroche | Diana Karina Arteaga | Leydi Astudillo | Christopher Avila | Richard Bardonner | Becky Bristow | Nathaniel Buss | Alberto Bustos | Martha Cabanillas | Julius Gerald Cadiente | Jorge Campos | Jorge Campos | Yzadora Castillo | Kristina Chancellor | David W. Cheney | Keisha Clark | Erika Contreras | Israel Diaz | Jose Carlos Diaz Zaragoza | Andy Do | Keylin Figueroa | Daniel R. Fitch | Andrea Flores | Enrique Garcia | Jeanette Garcia |Karen Garcia| Matthew Godwin | Alexis Guillen | Herman Harris | Juliana Martinez Hernandez | Jasmin Hicks | Siham Ibrahim | Deion Jackson | Selene Jimenez | Camaya Johnson | Savannah Kerr | Timothy Knuettel | Angeline Kumar | Tiffany Larocque | Eleanor Lira | Raul Madr | Jason Martinez|Juliana Martinez | Katie McEnery | Kendra McKinley | Blaire McMillen |Sarah McMillen| Priscila Meija | Brittany Mejia | Denise Mejia | Twyla Menezes | Emile L. Morgan | Chasity Murphy | Parvin Narayan | Dominique Nowak | Silvestre Parra |William Perkins| J. Douglas Penn | Esteban Martinez Pimentel | Javier Preciado | Kirti Rajput | Monisa Rascon | Xavier Ali Rehman | Elisha Rendon | Yulissa Rodarte | Greg Russell | Gabriela Sanchez | Jorge Sanchez | Graciela Sandoval | Elizabeth Santillan | Dorothy Sharif | Isaias Silva | Dwight, Jr. Simpson | Shaneel Singh | Crossifixio Smith | Anita Soeung | Viviana Sotelo | Joshua Taylor | Angelica Tejeda | Sharon Thompson | Sherry Thompson | Pamela Throne | Gabriela Torre | Alejandro Tovar | Cristina Velazquez | Alicia Villegas | Ana Villegas | Courtney Ward | Janie Warren | Mary Wiedl | Adam Wilkerson | Jocelyn Zamora | Mariam Zaraiah | Chantelle Cox | Matthew Martinez


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  1. Use this color for bigger/smaller underlined texts. That’s the color number-> #e7b56c If you don’t know how to do that, then email me: ki905@yahoo.com
    Also don’t dump in links on the pages. Create a title and add the link to that title. If don’t know how to do that, then email me, so I can send you a picture tutorial without any problems. 🙂

    Your one of the contributors on this site:
    Kirti Rajput 🙂

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  2. I would like to become involved in your project. Is this a one-time website resource, or is it an extension of a new Club that focuses on outreach? Either way, if those not currently enrolled in Dr. Penn’s course are welcome, I would like to participate. I am pursuing an Associate Degree in Human Services and a Transfer Degree in Sociology. I will be taking Sociology of the Family Spring 2017, though not with Dr. Penn. I would like to be involved in a club that puts emphasis on community outreach, specifically regarding the homeless as I intend to focus on homelessness in my career. If this is not yet a club, I would like to be involved in transitioning this project into a sustained club for students to join and work toward improving our community.
    Thank you for creating this resource. I hope to work with you in the future.


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